Music Management GB is a company dedicated to the management of artists with the highest level in the classical music. It offers a global, high-quality and international service, acting as a catalytic agent and reserving the main role to the artists.

Pays attention to all the activities of the musical management, with a professional treatment and a continuous innovation as distinguished competitive elements, establishing firm and solid relationships with the most prestigious international agencies.

Created by different professionals with a long experience in various disciplines, Guiomar Blanco and her team of collaborators, pay special attention to the direct contact with promoters, agents, orchestras, festivals and halls, achieving the best conditions in which the artists can develop their important work.

Serving Music

Guiomar Blanco

Guiomar Blanco earned a Bachelor Degree in History and Musicology by the Complutense University of Madrid, a Bachelor Degree in Music (Superior Professor of Piano) by the Superior Conservatory of this same city, and a MA in Cultural Management (Music and Arts) by the UCM.

She speaks fluent English, Catalan, Italian, Spanish, German and has knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin).

She has develop her professional career mainly in the music management field. With more than 15 years of experience as manager of artists and classical music ensembles working internationally with some of the most important musical personalities of our time.